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2010 Luncheon guests


"I attended NEW's opening of the Brooklyn Training Center last year.  I enjoyed the great space, but more importantly, I was so amazed by the NEW graduates.  Throughout the event, I met so many incredible women who are committed to their craft.  Their journeys towards professions in skilled construction, utility, and maintenance trades were inspirational.  The support they had received through the community at NEW was crucial in their development."

    —Leta M., Brooklyn, NY 


"I wake up every morning at 5 a.m.  I put on clothes that will get covered in dirt.  I break my nails.  I ache at the end of the day.  And, you know what? I love it!"

—Rochelle James, NEW Graduate

Electrician, IBEW Local 3


"It is important that women continue to have increased access to opportunities throughout the City. Women working in the skilled trades earn two to three times more than those in jobs traditionally held by women. NEW provides an opportunity for these women to earn a living and provide for their families."

—Amy A. Peterson, President




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