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Hire a NEW Graduate for

Short-Term Jobs

NEW Can Help You Meet Your Temporary Employment Needs.

NEW has screened and qualified candidates available immediately for the following temporary job opportunities.

  • Plan Room Clerk
  • Project Clerk
  • Driver
  • Warehouse Clerk/Materials Clerk
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Helper
  • Porter
  • Receptionist
  • Messenger
  • Other entry level positions

It pays to hire a NEW graduate.

NEW graduates have successfully completed a competitive pre-apprenticeship training program focusing on math, health and safety, work readiness, general knowledge about the construction industry, lifting and carrying, and hands-on skills training.

NEW provides qualified candidates.

NEW can respond to job requests from potential employers within 48 hours with candidates that are pre-screened to meet your hiring needs.

Partner with NEW.

NEW has demonstrated the success of our temporary placement program through our partnership with Cauldwell Wingate. For the last four years, Cauldwell Wingate has placed NEW graduates in temporary jobs and reserved a Plan Room Clerk position as a rotating position for NEW graduates. NEW graduates typically stay in this position for six months whil they wait to be placed in the union. The Plan Room Clerk

position is then promptly filled with another qualified NEW graduate. Cauldwell Wingate has also partnered with NEW to fill additional temporary positons in the plan room, main office, or assisting on a construction site.  As a result, NEW has placed almost 20 graduates at Cauldwell Wingate in the last four years. 

Hire a NEW Graduate.
For more information on hiring a NEW graduate, please contact Joyceline Saint-Hill, Employment Manager, by email or at 646-291-2195.

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