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Industries and Jobs

NEW is New York City's top training program for women in the trades. After completing NEW's curriculum, graduates enter local apprenticeships and begin nontraditional jobs in the building and construction trades, the utilities and transportation fields, or facilities maintenance and repair.

Skilled blue-collar work is an excellent choice for women who are fit—or ready to get in shape—and who like active, physically challenging work. It offers high wages (journey-level wages can be as high
as $45 per hour);excellent medical benefits; pensions, annuities, and paid vacation time; and the opportunity for further education.

Here are some opportunities that are available to NEW graduates:

Building and Construction Trades
Elevator Mechanic
Metal Lather
Stationary Engineer
Sheetmetal Worker

Public Utilities
Con Edison
Customer Field Representative
Field Technician
General Utility Worker

Railroad and Transportation
Coach Cleaner
Conductor Trainee
Assistant Passenger Conductor
Block Operator
Lineman Trainee
C&S Helper
Bus Driver

Green Collar Jobs
  • Energy Auditor
  • Weatherization Crew Member
  • Photovolataic Installer
  • Green Roof Installer, Green Roof Professional
  • Jobs in Public Transportation
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Deconstruction
  • Recycling Workers
  • Urban Agriculture- Landscape Maintenance
  • HazMat Workers
  • Brownfield Remediation

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